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BMW Specialist Garage In Manchester – My First BMW

By Colin Jackson

Here at The Bavarians, we love BMW’s and we have a passion for tuning. Back in 2001, I bought my first ever BMW, at the time it was the single biggest purchase I’d ever made except for my house and the excitement I had on the day I collected it was something I’ll never forget. I’d spent weeks scouring Autotrader and Pistonheads looking for my perfect car a 1998 2.8l roadster finished in Schwarz (black) with black leather and the very good looking 16” 5 arm alloy wheels. The car was based in Royal Tunbridge Wells which is a 5-hour drive from Manchester although it felt like a 5-day drive I was so desperate to get to my new toy. When we finally arrived it was pitch black and the car hadn’t been driven for a couple of months and there was a musty smell as soon as you sat in it which I later discovered is the distinctive smell of all BMW Z3’s….I now greatly miss that smell it has such great memories for me. I remember counting out the cash with the seller and filling in the log book, putting it in an envelope that simply said DVLA, Swansea, and knowing it would make it to its destination without any more information, and to think we now do this in a few short clicks on the DVLA’s website. I finally got the keys in my mits and the mammoth journey to bring my new BMW home finally begun, the 5-hour journey home was bliss and ironically felt like it was over far to quickly. That 6 cylinder, M52 engine that BMW produced was sublime producing a very healthy 190bhp and a strong 203 lb/ft of torque. The chassis always felt very firm and stable and the handling of the car was very confidence inspiring, although I do recall having a big moment on the first journey back turning off the M6 to head around a roundabout and ending up facing the wrong direction, alas all was okay and I finally brought the ship home to Manchester a short time later and slightly more cautiously. This was the start of my love affair with BMW’s and this was for a long time my favorite BMW.

These days I’m fortunate enough to own a BMW M2 (F82) and a BMW M3 (E46) that we’ve just converted from SMG to a manual transmission but more of that transformation in my next blog.

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