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For a while now, the leading coupe car of the BMW brand is the M6, the performance-oriented variant of the 6 Series range. This high-performance car features three body styles, namely, Coupe, Gran Coupe, and convertible body styles.


This beautiful machine carries a much bigger engine than its 6 series counterparts. While the 6 series comes with an engine that incorporates 6 cylinders in its block, the M6 variant comes with a whopping 4.4-liter V8 .  

For most BMW M series lovers, the M6 Gran Coupe is the most convincing rendition of this vehicle for its blend of power, handling, and acceleration in a pragmatic bundle. 


This particular model is regarded as a masterpiece of its class, especially the M6 Gran Coupe. However, you can always make it better through upgrades. We can help you transform your M6 through choice upgrades until it becomes one of a kind. We also offer repair services for all sorts of BMW M6.


BMW M6 repairs

We are an experienced BMW garage and we are comfortable completing any BMW M6 repairs, here’s a list of common work we have completed on the BMW M6


BMW M6 Engine Repairs

We’re happy to work on and repair any and all M6 engines from stock vehicles to engines that have been modified, we’re happy to work on all of them.

BMW M6 Bodywork Repairs

We’ve worked on the bodywork of many M6, if you have had your BMW M6 bodywork damaged then give us a call and book in at our specialist BMW Body shop


BMW M6 Gearbox Repairs

if you’re having issues with your BMW M6 gearbox give us a call and talk to us about it. Chances are we’ll get you to come down to our specialist BMW Garage in order for us to diagnose and for a free consultation.


BMW M6 Exhaust Repairs

Whether you have a stock or a performance aftermarket if you’re having problems with your BMW M6 exhaust then give us a call and book in to bring your BMW to our specialist BMW garage. From there we will investigate whether we can perform a repair or whether a replacement is required.


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