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BMW 2 Series repairs / BMW 2 Series Servicing

We are an experienced BMW garage and we are comfortable completing any BMW 2 series repairs, here’s a list of common repairs we have completed on the BMW 2 series;

BMW 2 Series Engine Repairs

We’re happy to work on and repair any and all 2 series engines from the entry level petrol and diesel engines to the performance variants, you should see some of the work we've done overhauling high milage 235i!

BMW 2 Series Bodywork Repairs

We’ve worked on every and all shape of 2 series, whether it’s the coupe or the MPV we can repair any and all BMW 2 series bodywork. Unfortunately as time goes on bodywork just gets damaged, whether thats from blasting your 2 series round the countryside and it scraping on an overgrown bush or by having someone ding your car in the carpark it's always frustrating. 

We can complete any bodywork repairs requried whether that's just a paint touch up or even a full wing replacement.

BMW 2 Series Gearbox Repairs

Whether you have an auto or a manual if you’re having issues with your BMW 2 series gearbox give us a call and talk to us about it. Chances are we’ll get you to come down to our specialist BMW Garage in order for us to diagnose and for a free consultation. Many of the issues we see are where owners have had the car a long time or have mapped their cars but dont improve the clutch, if you're suspecting or starting to have issues then get in touch.

BMW 2 Series Exhaust Repairs

Whether you have a diesel or a petrol if you’re having problems with your BMW 2 series exhaust then give us a call and book in to bring your BMW to our specialist BMW garage in order for us to diagnose and for a free consultation. From there we will investigate whether we can perform a repair or whether replacement is required. 

BMW 2 Series Exhaust Upgrades

if you drive a 2 series chances are you care a lot about the experience of driving, a huge part of that is the sound and performance. You can improve both with an aftermarket exhaust so if you're considering it then get in touch, we have many options available and can let you sample them to see what you think.

And more - Get in touch for a free consultation

2 Series (F22/F23)

The 2 series is a fairly recent addition to the BMW Lineup and is what the 1 series coupe has evolved into. The 2 series was announced in 2013 and is seen as the entry level coupe in the BMW lineup making it accessible to everyone. The 2 series shares a lot of parts with the 1 series making it a really interesting ownership proposition. No matter what your lifestyle there is a 2 series for you. You can get it in petrol or diesel, automatic or manual and even a convertible!

the F22/F23 is powered by turbocharged petrol and diesel engines with three cylinders (petrol only), four cylinders and six cylinders.

The really exciting engines are contained in the M2 & M2 Competition.

If you need your 2 series repaired then give us a call and we can have a consultation regarding your car and what will be required for the repair, how long it will take and just importantly how much it will cost to repair your BMW 2 series.

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