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BMW 7 Series repairs / BMW 7 Series Service

We are an experienced BMW garage and we are comfortable completing any BMW 7 series repairs, here’s a list of common repairs we have completed on the BMW 7 series;

BMW 7 Series Engine Repairs

We’re happy to work on and repair any and all 7 series engines from the entry level petrol and diesel engines to the performance variants.

BMW 7 Series Bodywork Repairs

We’ve worked on every and all shape of 7 series, whether it’s the standard or the extended wheel base variant we can repair any and all BMW 7 series bodywork.

BMW 7 Series Gearbox Repairs

if you’re having issues with your BMW 7 series gearbox give us a call and talk to us about it. Chances are we’ll get you to come down to our specialist BMW Garage in order for us to diagnose and for a free consultation.

BMW 7 Series Exhaust Repairs

Whether you have a diesel or a petrol if you’re having problems with your BMW 7series exhaust then give us a call and book in to bring your BMW to our specialist BMW garage. From there we will investigate whether we can perform a repair or whether a replacement is required.

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7 Series

The BMW 7 series is the executive flagship of the BMW line-up and where BMW keeps a lot of it’s tech and luxury, unfortunately having all that technology in your car means that there is a lot that can go wrong.


Generations of the 7 series

E23 (1977-1986)

E32 (1986-1994)

E38 (1994-2001)

E65/E66/E67/E68 (2002-2008)

F01/F02/F03/F04 (2008-2015)

G11/G12 (2015-Present)


Whether you own a classic E32 7 Series that you need repair work done or whether you’ve got a new G11 that’s had an accident; Bavarian have the expertise and approved parts to complete any BMW 7 series repair work.


If you need your 7 series repaired then give us a call and we can have a consultation regarding your car and what will be required for the repair, how long it will take and just importantly how much it will cost to repair your BMW 7 series.


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